A clock photo for every minute of the day. One of Time magazine's 50 "coolest" websites of 2006.
Now in video form too! really, like over 20.7 hours of videos I shot and edited.
A calendar, like the Brady Bunch, but with people I know.
Google Analytics tells me it is very popular among Brazillian teenagers.
(the little calendar widget receives about 3 million impressions a month!)
A daily blog that I updated (with floppy disks!) in 2002-2003 during my
12,500 mile bicycle circumnavigation of the Australian continent.
Heavy Metal Parking Lot T-Shirts
An ongoing inventory of the T-Shirts from the cult-film Heavy Metal Parking Lot. I was somewhat famous among the heavy metal community for nearly two days.
Video Projects
Some video projects I've done.
I wrote a popular Pacific Crest Trail planning program that has been online since 1997.
4,267 photos of most every sign along the Pacific Crest Trail.
In 2013 I walked the whole Pacific Crest Trail from Mexico to Canada.
I also hiked the whole trail during 1994/1996, but I don't have any of that online.
My homepage I've had online in some form or another since 1994. Like all homepages, it is "artistically" out of date.