A clock photo for every minute of the day. One of Time magazine's 50 "coolest" websites of 2006. Now in video form too! Really, like over 21 hours of one-minute videos I shot and edited.

A calendar, like the Brady Bunch, but with people I know. Google Analytics tells me it is very popular among Brazillian teenagers. (the little calendar widget receives about 3 million impressions a month!)

A daily blog that I updated (with floppy disks!) in 2002-2003 during my 12,500 mile bicycle circumnavigation of the Australian continent.

I noticed that hosts and guests on National Public Radio really like to use the word "problematic" a lot, hence I spent six straight weeks making this supercut video with NPR audio recordings.

PDX Free Crap

I live in Portland, Oregon, USA. It is customary to leave out free things you don't want anymore in front of your place. I would see so much of it while walking our dog, that I started having her pose with it. We were also on More Good Day Oregon awhile back also.

Heavy Metal Parking Lot T-Shirts

An ongoing inventory of the T-Shirts from the cult-film Heavy Metal Parking Lot. I was somewhat famous among the heavy metal community for nearly two whole days.

Combat Rock Album Cover Location

I spent the better part of two days in Bangkok, Thailand trying to find the location where The Clash took the album cover photo for their 1982 album, Combat Rock.

Video Projects

Some video projects I've done. I'm that guy you see at rock shows with an SLR camera, running around with his head cut off checking on this or that.

I wrote a popular Pacific Crest Trail planning program that has been online since 1997 (and is in dire need of an update despite heavy usage).

4,267 photos of most every sign along the Pacific Crest Trail.

In 2013 I walked the whole Pacific Crest Trail from Mexico to Canada. I also hiked the whole trail during 1994/1996, but I don't have any of that online.

My homepage I've had online in some form or another since 1994. Like all homepages, it is "artistically" out of date.